Cultural and Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc. (CEAF)

A Message From The CEAF President

A Call to Serve


It is indeed an honor and pleasure to serve as the President of the Foundation. I am looking forward to working with the members, community and charitable organizations to further the mission of the Cultural and Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc. I would like to commend the dedication of those who have served in this capacity in the past. I stand on the shoulders of their outstanding work and service to the members and the community.

My mission is to provide leadership in maintaining our core purpose of cultural enrichment and education, community initiatives, and charitable giving. Collaboratively, we will continue to uplift and support our programs and project the tenets of the Foundation as a dynamic resource for all to applaud. We will provide leadership in preparing best practices and guidelines to support the standards, operations and governance of the Foundation as a nonprofit entity.

As I reflect on the words of Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” As we have so often done in CEAF, let’s continue to give of our time, talent and expertise to acknowledge and meet the needs of the social and economic concerns in our community. Let us be a beacon of hope, possess an array of confidence and be faithful to our call to serve!

With Gratitude,

Tammy Fincher

CEAF Board Members

  • Tammy Fincher, President
  • Nanette Baldwin, Vice President
  • Angelia Strode, Recording Secretary
  • Glenda Freeman, Financial Secretary
  • Pauline Parker, Building Financial Secretary
  • Latanisha Watters, Building Treasurer
  • Stephanie Alexander
  • Ronda Bell
  • Denise Blue Poe
  • Fatima Carter
  • Cherie Dortch
  • Dorothy Hall
  • Terra Hodge
  • Yvette Harper
  • Janine Smith
  • Gwendolyn Tilghman
  • Leah Wiggins
  • Dorothy Wilson


  • Gennia Baldwin
  • Susanne Matthews
  • Pauline Parker
  • Angelia Strode
  • Donna Turner
  • Felita Watkins
  • Latanisha Watters